NOTO Executive Director

The North Topeka Arts District, Inc – doing business as the NOTO Arts and Entertainment District – is a non-profit organization whose vision is for NOTO to “become the region’s premier arts and entertainment destination.” To continue its work towards this lofty vision, the NOTO Board of Directors seeks an experienced Executive Director who will lead mission efforts to “cultivate art and experiences that inspire opportunity, enhance economic vitality, and improve the overall quality of life throughout Topeka and the surrounding area.”

The NOTO organization has an annual budget of about $425,000. Including the executive director, the organization has four full-time and one part-time employee. The organization owns two properties and has limited oversight of two other properties.

Position Summary

The Executive Director reports to the NOTO Board of Directors and is responsible for administering programs and initiatives aligned with mission and within the framework of established policies. The Executive Director shall work cooperatively with the Board in carrying out the objectives of the organization and in coordinating the work of the Board and other staff.

Key Responsibilities

The key responsibilities of the Executive Director can be framed within the five core areas, or pillars. These board approved areas are regularly used to communicate information about NOTO to the board, stakeholders, policy makers, and the public.

Art Exhibits and Activities

Develop programs and experiences that are unique, inclusive, and engaging.

This broad and multi-faceted responsibility is the primary programming offered by the organization. It includes art exhibits and experiences at the NOTO Arts Center and other NOTO properties. It also includes the various events, such as concerts in Redbud Park, the NOTO organization offers to the community.

Physical Enhancement

Facilitate improvements to NOTO properties and the district that embrace public art, accommodate visitors, and serve businesses and residents.

The NOTO organization owns two significant properties in the district – the NOTO Arts Center and Redbud Park – and has some responsibilities for two other properties. The NOTO organization also works closely with NOTO businesses, other non-profits, and local government to maintain and enhance public spaces, and alleviate blight.

Advocacy and Development

Facilitate the development of NOTO as a thriving arts and entertainment district, and as a desirable destination to visit, work, and live.

The primary aspect of this responsibility is to obtain the recognition, services, and resources necessary for NOTO to grow and thrive. It requires positive, yet challenging, relationships with representatives from local government, civic organizations, community tourism, and other stakeholders.


Tell the story of NOTO in a manner that is inclusive and holistic.

The NOTO organizations promote the brand of NOTO, events, and initiatives using a variety of platforms to reach a diversity of audiences. This also means representing NOTO in various public settings.

Resource Development

Embrace a multi-faceted approach for economic sustainability and human development.

This multi-faceted responsibility includes oversight of the organization’s financial management and physical resources. It also means leading a comprehensive fundraising plan, including grants, donations, and sponsorships. Finally, this area includes the oversight and development of the organization’s human resources.



    • Bachelor’s degree (experience can be considered as a replacement with 10+ years of experience)
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
    • Experience in fundraising (grants, donor development, etc).
    • Experience in community and/or economic development.
    • Knowledge of financial management and budgeting.
    • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively.
    • Passion for NOTO’s vision, mission and core values.


    • Advanced degree.
    • Demonstrated leadership experience.
    • Advanced level management of programs, resources and people.
    • Experience with non-profit organizations and/or small business.
    • Experience in the arts.

Compensation and Benefits

Salary negotiable. Minimum $65,000. Paid leave.

To Apply

Submit a cover letter, resume or vitae, three professional references, and other documents that speak to the desired qualifications as email attachements to

Further Information

Questions should be directed via the email A member of the search committee will respond via email.

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