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A Capital Campaign

The transformation of the North Topeka business district into what is now referred to as NOTO is a source of community pride, but there is still much to do. With support of the Redbud Foundation and Heartland Visioning, a master plan was developed to frame a vision for district planning. To meet the vision of the NOTO Arts and Entertainment District, continued development and enhancements are essential.
In October 2018, the NOTO Arts and Entertainment District initiated an ambitious capital campaign to accomplish things that will not only enhance the district and the quality of life in Topeka, but also NOTO’s part of a dynamic regional core with Downtown and the Kansas Riverfront. The response from the community to our campaign has been incredible and has allowed to meet many of our goals, such as:

Redbud Park

Across the street to the east of the NOTO Arts Center was a parking lot that previously had been home to heavy construction equipment. In May 2019 we were able to break ground for what as been a total transformation of the area! The park will be a focal point for outdoor art, performance art, and generally pristine green space.

NOTO Arts Center

The NOTO Arts Center serves as the administrative office for the executive director and other staff, is a meeting place for the districts, an event venue, and an art center featuring a gallery, art classes and educational events. The Arts Center plays many roles, but its capacity as a resource to the district and the community can be enhanced with renovations that have been identified by the NOTO Arts and Entertainment District Board. In September we unveiled the Teeter Courtyard and have made other improvements to the interior.

NOTO District

While NOTO is already a main attraction in Topeka, funding has helped to enhance beautification and public art, parking accommodations, and signage.

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($30,001 - $50,000)

($15,001 – $30,000)

($10,001 – $15,000)

($7,001 - $10,000)

($5,001 - $7,500)

($3,001 – $5,000)

($1,501 – $3,000)



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