Event Space Rental Agreement

Event Space Rental Agreement

Event Space Rental Agreement

Event Space Rental Agreement

1. FACILITY ACCESS AND USAGE __________ a. RENTER has access for full use of the following areas: i. Brewster Community Room (approximately 912 sq ft) ii. Morris Gallery (approximately 450 sq ft) iii. Foyer (approximately 580 sq ft) iv. Serving kitchen with refrigerator/freezer, sink, and counter. b. The following tables and chairs are available to the RENTER as needed: i. (6) 5’ diameter round tables ii. (6) 30” diameter bar tables iii. (6) 6’x30” rectangle tables iv. (8) 6’x18” rectangle tables v. (1) 4’x18” adjustable height table vi. (1) 5’x18”x40’ tall table vii. (50) banquet chairs viii. (50) plastic stack chairs c. WIFI d. NOTO Arts Center staff present for all events e. Equipment/supplies available for an additional fee: i. Table linens and skirts ii. 70” Sharp Aquos Board (TV monitor/board) iii. Digital projector and screen iv. Easels f. Items not included: i. Flip charts ii. Markers iii. Kitchen utensils, plates, cups, dishware, coffeemakers, etc. located within cabinets remain property of NAC and will not be used. 2. RENTER RESPONSIBILITIES __________ a. RENTER agrees to be completely responsible for any and all damages which may occur, either as a result of accidents or intentional acts by renter, guests, and/or vendors secured by the RENTER. b. RENTER understands that all events must end no later than 11:00pm to allow 1 hour to clean and leave the premises prior to 12:00am. c. RENTER agrees to leave property in the condition found. d. RENTER agrees that NO SMOKING within the premises is allowed. Smoking in designated areas only. e. RENTER agrees not to use glitter, bubbles, rice, or sticky tape. f. RENTER agrees to ensure that no music is amplified beyond the interior. 3. FEES __________ TIME Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun Half-day (3 hour min) $225 $225 $225 $225 $225 $400 $300 Full day (8:00-5:00) $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $750 $600 Evening (3 hour min) $225 $225 $225 $225 $375 $450 $400 Per hour rate over minimum (day/evening) $75 $75 $75 $75 $75 / $125 $150 $125 a. Fee Structure b. Other Fees i. Table Linens $6 each ii. Digital Projector and Screen $30 iii. 70

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