Seenloc’s Summer H.O.R TOUR (Topeka, KS)

Join Seenloc on Some One-Off Events in between him touring with Green Jello!
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Seen Loc, a native of the United States, is a formidable figure in the Hip Hop community. Seen Loc contributes a new and original sound to the business with his own fusion of Hip Hop and Alternative Hip Hop.
His lyrics, which dive deeply into the mysteries of life and the human experience, are what set his music apart because they are frank and thoughtful. Seen Loc has unmatched storytelling skills, weaving complex stories that hold the listener’s interest from beginning to end.
Seen Loc incorporates elements of rock, jazz, and electronic music into his sound by drawing inspiration from a variety of musical genres. Fans continue to listen to the music because of the dynamic and fascinating listening experience that this style fusion offers.
His flawless delivery and flow further accentuate Seen Loc’s distinctive flair. His vocals flow over the beats with ease, displaying his perfect time and rhythm. Seen Loc exhibits his knowledge of the genre with each song, making an impression on fans with each one.
Seen Loc stands out as a genuine original in a genre that is frequently dominated by clichés and recurring motifs. His music pushes the envelope and questions the established quo, providing a new view on the world.
Seen Loc is ready to leave a lasting impression on the Hip Hop community thanks to his outstanding talent and steadfast commitment to his craft. Watch out for this budding star as he pushes boundaries and redefines the genre.


Jul 10 2024


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Artismo Gallery & Bistro
816 N. Kansas Ave.


Artismo Gallery & Bistro

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