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The NOTO Arts and Entertainment District seeks individuals who are committed to helping NOTO achieve its vision as a “vibrant and prospering arts and entertainment district that is a community partner and regional leader” to consider service as a Board member.  Person’s interested in Board service do not need to have a direct connection to the district. Board service requires a commitment of time, talent, and treasure.

  • Attend regularly scheduled and special Board meetings. Notify in advance of planned absence.
  • Attend committee meetings or task groups as scheduled.
  • Participate in at least one NOTO sponsored event and/or Arts Center activity.
  • Contribute expertise to at least one standing committee.
  • Provide volunteer or professional services as appropriate.
  • Contribute to resource development efforts through personal and professional connections, serve on special project committees that raise funds, and/or by attending fund raising events.
  • Commit financially to the NOTO Arts and Entertainment District (at minimum, a Friend of NOTO membership is required).

Persons interested in service must complete the online application. A current Board member or staff will contact the applicant for a general discussion of Board needs and service. Applicants will be reviewed at the October Board meeting. If selected, Board service starts in January with a three-year commitment.

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