Outdoor Rental Space Agreement

Outdoor Space Rental Agreement

Outdoor Space Rental Agreement

Outdoor Space Rental Agreement

RENTER accepts the following terms of agreement and responsibilities. 1. FEE _________ a) 10x x 10’ $25 b) 10’ x 20’ $40 c) 10’ x 30’ $55 Arts Center Courtyard $150 Redbud Parking Lot $200 Lease is per day. Payment must be made in advance. Space will not be reserved until payment is made in advance. 2. PROPERTY AVAILABILITY __________ Properties of the NOTO Arts and Entertainment District organization may not be available due to maintenance and construction, special events, or reasons considered necessary and appropriate by the executive director. RENTERS will be notified in advance if the properties are not available unless an emergency prevents timely notification. Liability is for the rental fee only. 3. TIME __________ Space may be utilized between the hours of 8:00a.m. to 9:00p.m. 4. CITY PERMITS __________ RENTER agrees to obtain required licenses from the City of Topeka, e.g. Transient Vendor or Mobile Food Service Vendor, and thereby agrees to abide by the conditions set forth by those permits. 4. NOTO PERMIT The RENTER will be issued a NOTO Permit upon payment. The permit must be displayed in public view throughout the duration of the use. 5. CLEANUP __________ RENTER agrees to remove all trash, cigarette butts, and other items. 6. INDEMNITY __________ RENTER covenants at all times to hold harmless NAC and its agents, owners, and managers from and against all loss, liability, cost or damages that may occur or be claimed with respect to any person or persons, corporation, or property itself resulting from any act done, or omission by or through the RENTER, its agents, contractors, vendors, employees, invitees, or any person on the premises by reason of the RENTERs use or occupancy or resulting from RENTERs non-use, or possession of said property and any and all loss, costs, liability, or expense resulting therefrom; and at all times to maintain premises and the surrounding property in a safe and careful manner. The NOTO Arts Center does not accept any responsibility for damage or loss of any articles or property left prior to, during, or after the event. 7. CONTRACT SIGNATURES: This contract constitutes the entire agreement between NAC and the RENTER and becomes binding upon both parties when signed. Signature by RENTER verifies that RENTER has read the contract and understands that any discrepancy, damage or violation of the requirements of the contract may result in the loss of my damage deposit in whole or part. This agreement shall be construed in accordance with, and governed in all respects by, the laws of the State of Kansas, without regard to conflicts of law principles.

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