Art Health Walk

The NOTO Art Health Walk invites the community to enjoy the variety of outdoor public art available in NOTO while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This self-guided tour of art through the district will provide fun interactive health tips as you navigate the various art paths provided.

1Topeka Postcard Mural

2Claire’s Corner


4Rotating Sculpture Program: Decanter Pump

5Rotating Sculpture: Tunnel Vision

6Organ Grinder Sculpture 

7 Rotating Sculpture Program: Origin of the Soul

8 Bending Boundaries

9 Proud as a Peacock

10 Art Center Murals

11To The Moon Mural

12Verity Mural

13Ragar Zagar

14Sunflower Mural

15Art Elephants Take Over Topeka

16 Peace, Hope, Love Mural

17 Do What You Love Mural

18 Onyx Murals

19 NOTO Escapes Mural

20 Habitat/NOTO Mural

21 Black Lives Matters Mural

22 Buffalo Mural (Home Sweet Home)

23 Painted Bollard Project

24Kiln Yard Gates and Vertical Bone Yard

25Dr. Pepper Mural

26 Utility Box by Barbara Waterman-Peters

27 Kansas Ave. Methodist Church Mural

28 American Flag

29 Utility Box by DeAnna Morrison

30 Utility Box by Staci Dawn Ogle

31 Ichabod Statue

32 Utility Box by Jordan Brooks

33 Utility Box by Michael Mize

34 Utility Box by Lois Van Liew

35 Rotating Sculpture Program: High Stepping

36 Rotating Sculpture Program: TBA

37 Breezeway Park Murals

38 Norsemen Brewery Backyard Murals

39 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Rainbow Mural

40 Norsemen Brewery Mural

41 Serenity Project

42 Green Screen Project/Topeka Youth Project Chalk Wall, Brooks Mural

43 Metal Banners on Light Poles

44 Three Sisters Sculpture

45 Welcome to NOTO Mural

46 Compass Point Mural

47 All Veterans Memorial

48 Grass Roots Crosswalk

49Kaw Valley Bank Mural

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