Claire’s Corner

Claire’s Corner

by Narrated by NOTO | Art Health Walk

Claire’s Corner 

Created in 2020

Artists: Daniel Ney

Location: Redbud Park NW Corner

Claire’s Corner is located at the northwest corner of Redbud Park and marks the official entrance to the park. Claire’s Corner encompasses a replica of a sculpture piece originally created by Claire Swogger, recreated by Daniel Ney, and surrounded by a bed of roses.   

Glenn Swogger, a former owner of Kaw Valley Bank, and his wife, the late local artist Claire Swogger, donated the land for the park. In 2019 the land was transformed into the beautiful art park you see today. 

Health Access Tip: Get your water in.

Just like the roses need hydration so do you! The Food and Nutrition Board at the federal Institute of Medicine suggests men have about 3.7 liters daily. That’s about 15, 8-ounce glasses. Women should have about 2.7 liters, or 11 glasses. 

So drink up! Or at least try to remember to drink your water at every location! 

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