Do What You Love Mural

Do What You Love/ Galaxy-Swing for the Stars

by Jennifer Bohlander, Joey Embers, Sara Myer | Art Health Walk

Created in 2018

Artists: Jennifer Bohlander, Sara Myer, Joey Embers

Location: Above Matryoshka Tattoo, 918 N Kansas Ave. (Galaxy Glass Wall)

This is a two-part mural and by far the largest, extending above the address and along the side, transitioning as it moves west. On  the upper back- half of the side wall depicts a women on a swing with doves flying past her, (paintd by Jennifer Bohlander and Sara Myer) and a blue sky fading into a galaxy as it moves west (created by Joey Embers) to signify reaching for the stars and ironically is on the North wall of Galaxy Glass. 

This mural also features NOTO’s official mascott Otto, and is a reminder to “Do What You Love”! ( This portion was painted by Jennifer Bohlander and Sara Myer)

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