Habitat/NOTO Mural

Habitat/NOTO Murals

by Various Artists | Art Health Walk

Habitat For Humaity Multicultural Murals

Created in 2022

Artists: George Myfield, Jamie Colon, Mona Cliff

Location: Corner of N Kansas Ave and Gordon in Topeka

This collaborative multicultural mural tells the histories of Topeka’s Black, Latino, and Native American communities. Located on the west side of the Habitat For Humanity building, the project was made possible by a grant from Arts Connect. This multicultural project is a reminder that ALL lives matter.

Artist on the project include:

Mona Cliff-Native American culture, Enrolled member of the A’aninin/Nakota Nations, created the portion celebrating the Osage, a tribe indigenous to this area, and the Potawatomi, a tribe forced to migrate at gunpoint from northern Indiana and Michigan in 1838 for 600 miles till they reached Kansas. 

Jamie Colon-Hispanic culture,  This mural is full of symbos representing Latino-American heritage.  Yellow marigolds, which frequently adorn Mexican graves and altars, especially on special occasions like Dia de los Muertos, Spanish for Day of the Dead, prominently cascade across his work.

George Mayfield-African American culture,  Exodusters who fled the South during the Reconstruction Era, Tennesee Town and noted citizens are portrayed in Mayfield’s mural.


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