Kansas Ave. Methodist Church Mural

Kansas Ave. United Methodist Church Mural

by Artist: January Keifer, Norbert Kampsen, Tom Lynn | Art Health Walk

Created in 2014

Location: 1029 N. Kaansas Ave. 

The Message and the Blessing:

Land, sky, and the river flow around the mural connecting all four walls. May these bright images bless the beloved community and inspire eeveyone who comes here to “love one another” and “care for all creation”.

The Kansas Ave. United Methodist Church Mural was created in 2014 and took two years to complete. It speaks of healing, compassion, forgiveness, and putting aside differences. It’s a reminder that everyone is part of the same family-the human family.

The south wall was the first wall to be painted and set the theme for the project. Kissed by the morning sun, this tree of life is also knows as the healing wall, with messages of hope and healing throughtout the leaves.

The West side of the mural shows  a quilt with a variety of Kansas plants and animals.

The North side of the mural depicts a Native American Woman as the Creator spirit. 

The East side of the mural shows an ensemble of dancers celebrating the diversity of human life.



Health Access Tip: 

Did you know a single workout consisting of moderate-to vigorous physical activity will provide immediate benefits for your health! Participating in the Art Health Walk can improe your sleep quality, reduce feelings of anxiety, and reduce blood pressure. What are you waiting for, get moving today!

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