Kiln Yard Gates and Vertical Bone Yard

Kiln Yard Gates & Vertical Bone Yard

by Narrated by NOTO Artist Michael Bradley & Larry Peters | Art Health Walk

Created in 2021

Location: Corner of N Kansas Ave and Gordon in Topeka

These Kiln Yard Gates and Vertical Bone Yard was added to the Fire Me Up Ceramics courtyard in 2021 by artists Michael Bradley and Larry Peters. 

Traditionally, the “boneyard” refers to bisque works and how they are stored in studio spaces for teaching and ceramics demonstrations. It’s known for its unique display on high shelves in the studio, with many bisque works together, showcasing a variety of techniques, improvisation, and skill. This vertical boneyard is a collection of misfired or damaged works that were left behind and then repurposed for this outdoor public art installation. 

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