NOTO Escapes Mural

NOTO Escapes Mural

by Artist | Sara Myer, Jennifer Bohlander

NOTO Escapes Mural

Created in 2021

Artists: Sara Myer

Location: Kansas Ave. Strip, NOTO Escapes building

The NOTO Escapes Mural captures the unique puzzle-vibe of the interactive puzzle based escape games you can experience inside of NOTO Escapes.  Created in 2021 by local NOTO Artist Jennifer Bohlander and Sara Myer from Matryoshka Tattoo. When Sara isn’t painting or tattooing, she is working on community projects such as the Brown v. Board mural, supporting small businesses, and showing her love for Topeka! Jennifer Bohlander has been an advocate of the arts in NOTO for nearly a decade, spearheading multiple beautification efforts through public art locations througout the district.

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