Onyx Murals

Onyx Murals

by Jennifer Bohlander, Sara Myer, Buck Reist | Art Health Walk

Created in 20019

Location: Corner of N Kansas Ave and Gordon in Topeka

The more murals the better!- Sara Myer, Mural Artist

The onyx murals are a creation of two different projects, both located in the east alley of the 900 block of N. Kansas Ave.  On the back of onyx is colorful mural”Kaliedescope”, painted by Buck Reist, Sara Myer, and Jennifer Bohlander and is made of geometric shapes, while the mural on the side of the building, “You Go Girl”painted by Jennifer Bohlander, features a bird with roses and a portrait of a woman, who Bohlander said is modeled after Heather DiDomenico Graves, owner of Onyx Salon and Wellness Spa.

Myer said the portrait of the woman with angular shapes painted around her represents balance, “It’s kind of a balance of sharp and soft, colorful (and) vibrant,” Myer said. “But overall, we thought it would be really important to bring more color and more art to the district since it is the arts district of the whole city. It just makes the district more fun to look at, it engages the community.”

Health Access Tip: 

According to the National Instituet of Health you can feel great and improve your well-being by making some small changes in your daily routine and breaking your physical activity up into two or three 10-minute walks a day.  Take regular breaks from sitting at the computer or watching TV by getting up, moving, and stretching while lifting your hands over your head.

Don’t forget that the NOTO Art Health Walk offers multiple walking routes for you to enjoy. Plan your next NOTO Art Health Walk today using our interactiv map!

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