Organ Grinder Sculpture

Organ Grinder Statue "Monkey Business"

by Narrated by NOTO | Art Health Walk

“Monkey Business”

Copyright: 1989, Donated to NOTO 2019

Artists: Mark Lundeen

Location: NOTO Arts Center, Teeter Courtyard

“Monkey Business” is a lifes-sized brone sculpture of an early 20th century organ grinder. A monkey is on the organ grinder’s shoulder, who is putting money into a cup.

The bronze for “Monkey Business” was cast at Art Casting of Colorado, In. , in Loveland CO. by artist Mark Lundeen. Judy Row, donor of the bronze statue got acquainted with Mark Lundeen and his brother, George Lundeen back in the early 1990’s after seeing their sculptures in Vail, Colorado.  For many years “Monkey Business”was known as the welcoming figure at the front entrance of the historical Senate Luxury Suites here in Topeka from the early 1990’s until it was donated to NOTO in 2019.


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