Proud as a Peacock

Proud as a Peacock

by Sara Myer | Art Health Walk

Proud as a Peacock

Created in 2020

Location: The Glass Station, 1001 N.W. Central Ave,

Here in NOTO if your not Proud as a Peacock, we encourge  you to be! NOTO is proud to have over 50 public art locations in the district for you to explore! 

The phrase Proud as a Peacock comes from the plumage of the male. When a male is courting, he spreads his tail feathers, sometimes five feet in length, out in a fan pattern to attract a female. Thus, someone who is “proud as a peacock” is similarly “strutting his stuff”.

Go ahead, strutt your stuff throughout the district. Show us how proud you are to be here!


Proud as a Peacock Walk:   It’s approximately 450 ft to the American Flag mural located across from Davidson Funeral Home. Strut your best peackock walk as you venture up the street. Don’t forget to check out the Kansas Ave. United Methodist Church Mural on the way back!

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