Rotating Sculpture Decanter Pump

Decanter Pump

by Narrated by NOTO | Art Health Walk

Rotating Sculpture Program: Decanter Pump 

Created in 2021 

Artists: Matt Moyer

Location: Redbud Park, 924 N Kansas Ave.

Matt Moyer holds a BFA from Illinois State University and an MFA from the University of Missouri.  He has taught at several colleges and universities but now works full-time in his home studio in Columbia, Missouri.  He has exhibited and held residencies regionally, nationally, and internationally.  His public sculptures are permanently installed privately, on campuses and in city parks.  Currently he has sculptures on loan in Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, West Virginia, and Mississippi.  

 “My current sculptures are fictitious interpretations of man’s relationship to machines the environment and our industrial heritage.  These industry-inspired sculptures explore our long reliance on machines and factories, the people who have brought them to life by operating them but also the cultural and environmental impact of industrialization.” 

The NOTO Rotating Sculpture Program features new sculptures that are diverse in style and media with the goal of exposing visitors to different types of art and contributing to beautification of the district. Works are generally installed for two-years. Currently there are four locations in the district, with two new installations each year. 

Health Activity: Get Moving!

Need to get in a quick 1000 steps? A brisk walk to the Compass Point mural and back will meet your goals and get your heart pumping! What are you waiting for, get moving!

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