Rotating Sculpture Origin of the Soul

Origin of the Soul

by Mark Hahn | Art Health Walk

Origin of the Soul

Created in 2021

Artists: Mark Hahn

Location: NOTO Arts Center Front Flower Garden

Created out of Limestone, artist Mark Hahn brought this sculpture to life infront of the NOTO Arts Center over a period of 6 weeks during Artstember 2021.  


Celebrate Togetherness.  The American Heart Association recommends weekly sit-downs with family, friends, or neighbors can reduce stress, boost self-esteem and make everyone feel more connected.

Invite your family to join you for relaxing picnic at Redbud Park after your walk. Many of the resturants are open daily, or your can bring in your own treats.

* Get in some steps! It is approximately 1,000 steps to walk the south end of the 800 block and back.

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