Rotating Sculpture Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision

by Narrated by NOTO | Art Health Walk

Tunnel Vision

Created in 

Artists: Nick Hurst


Tunnel Vision is a metal sculpture influenced by the effects of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) on loved ones and societal pressures incurred on them. ADHD affects individuals both the internally and externally. Reflected in the sculpture (how you are allowed to walk through it and stand inside it), ADHD causes an individual to feel slightly trapped as they feel pushed to be what society can consider to be normal.   

“In this sculpture I target the negative space in which an individual would stand to emphasis the entrapment of this disorder. The outside of the sculpture is similar to texture due to the explosive frustrations caused by day-by-day routine. The sculpture also displays a unique color on the exterior, similar to an ADHD medication.” 

Nick Hurst grew up in Saint Mary, Missouri and earned his BFA at Southeast Missouri State University (2020). He studied with an emphasis in sculpture and a substantial amount of digital art courses. Since graduating he has been working to originate his first own sculpture studio. His future goal is to solely create outdoor sculptures so he can express his emotions into three-dimensional forms and ultimately inspire and spark imagination in those who view them. Nick’s outdoor work has been exhibited throughout Missouri in O’Fallon, Springfield, and within the city of Cape Girardeau. 
“All my work begins with an un-intentional idea. I combine organic, intimidating, and conspicuous subjects to form a new out of a material. The work tends to show mistakes, mishaps, and/or asymmetry to re-evaluate distinctive flaws in humans and find true beauty. The work serves as a combination of my own personal therapy, as well as to inspire, spark imagination, find happiness, and bring awareness to a subject.” 

The NOTO Rotating Sculpture Program features new sculptures that are diverse in style and media with the goal of exposing visitors to different types of art and contributing to beautification of the district. Works are generally installed for two-years. Currently there are four locations in the district, with two new installations each year. 

Health Access Tip: 

Get Good Sleep. Your body needs at least six hours of restful sleep to recharge. Sleep helps improve learning, memory and insight. A lack of sleep doesn’t just make you cranky, it can also slow down your reaction time and lead to mood disorders and anxiety. 

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