Utility Box by Jordan Brooks

Utility Box Project

by Jordan E. Brooks | Art Health Walk

Utility Box Project

Artists: Michael Mize

Location: Corner of Quincy & Gordon 

Welcome to the  NOTO Utility Box project! This project was initiated in 2020 during COVID, giving artists the opportunity to be creative while beautify the district, as well as continuing to build the NOTO community during a time in our lives when it felt so bleak. A total of seven utility boxes were painted inside the NOTO area.  

This utility box was painted by Jordan E Brooks as a tribute to the native influences on our city’s culture starting with a Kansa Warrior grinning as his spirit protects the land.

Health Access Activity: 

There are a total of 7 utility boxes located in the NOTO area. Visiting all locations will be sure to help you get your steps in! Choose your path below: 


Utility Box by Jordan E. Brooks YOU ARE HERE 

to Utility Box by Lois Van Liew, SW corner of Kansas & Laurent  .01 miles 

 to Utility Box by Michael Mize, SE corner of Kansas & Laurent . 1 block 

 to Utility Box by Barbara Waterman-Peters,  corner of Kansas & Gordon  .03 miles 

 to Utility Box by DeAna Morrison, SE corner of Kansas & Morse .04 miles 

 to Utility Box by Staci Dawn Ogle  SW corner of Morse & Quincy .04 miles 

 *to Utility Box by Jennifer Bohlander, located at Kansas & Paramore .06 miles (a little off the beaten path but you can do it!) 

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