Verity Mural

Verity Mural

by Narrated by NOTO | Art Health Walk

Verity Mural 

Created in 2018

Artists: Jennifer Bohlander

Location: West Kansas Ave. Alley 900 Blk, Amused Courtyard

Part of a personal art initiative, artists Jennifer Bohlander painted a total of 5 murals in the district during the 2018 year. “Verity” was completed as part of this project, along with “Topeka Postcard”, “Art Elephants Take Over Topeka”, Sunflowers”, and “Working Class Hero’s” (which was not intended to be a long term mural and is no longer located in the district). 

“Verity is very special lady who is seeking truth through education. Otto is also reading in this mural, but hiding in a tree. On a special note, I could not have accomplished four of these murals if it weren’t for my friends Jewelia Oswald and Melanie Downie. Both of who are librarians. The crow represents the naysayers.”

Health Tip  Practicing Meditation 

Recent studies have offered promising results about the impact of meditation in reducing blood pressure. There is also evidence that it can help people manage insomnia, depression and anxiety. 

Some research suggests that meditation physically changes the brain and could help: 

  • increase ability to process information 
  • slow the cognitive effects of aging 
  • reduce inflammation 
  • support the immune system 
  • reduce symptoms of menopause 
  • control the brain’s response to pain 
  • improve sleep 

-American Heart Association ( 


Walking Meditation  

Walk 10-15 steps and then pause and breathe for as long as you like. 

Observe the environment around you. Stop and contemplate the art, the architecture, the colors, and even the ground you are standing on. Notice all the little details. 

You can also observe as you walk. The idea behind the practice is to walk silently and with a sense of deep contemplation. 

Focus on the sound of your footsteps as you walk and notice how your feet hit the ground. 

A walking meditation involves very deliberate thinking and doing a series of actions that you usually do automatically. 

As you walk, try to focus your attention on one or more sensations that you would typically take for granted, such as your breathing, the way your legs move or how the air feels against your skin. 

 If your mind wanders, continue focusing on something specific in your environment. 


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