Welcome to NOTO Mural

Welcome to NOTO

by Sara Myer, Jennifer Bohlander | Art Health Walk

Welcome to NOTO

Created in 2000 

Location: Compass Point Courtyard

This beautiful ‘Welcome to NOTO’ mural literally popped up overnight in NOTO. Two artists, Sara Myer and Jennifer Bohlander surprised the district when they collaborated with Compass Point to create this beautiful mural that welcomes patrons to the district as they exit off the Kansas Ave. bridge. 

Health Access Tip: Go on an Adventure!

Adults 65 years and older should exercise a total of 150 minutes each week, according to the World Health Organization, including:

·         Leisure time, such as  gardening, hiking and swimming

·         Transportation, such as walking and cycling

·         Occupational tasks, such as chores, community activity and physical work

The Art Health walk is full of adventures, what are you waiting for, start your adventure here!

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