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September 11, 2021


The NOTO Arts and Entertainment District is once again planning a celebration packed full of performance art, live music, busking, and talent of all kinds!  Join us for this family friendly extravaganza and experience performers sprinkled throughout the district, with special acts at Redbud Park and Compass Point, and a grand finale by Last Carnival Act to end the evening! This action packed day includes activities for everyone!  And for our little performers, the new Otto's Adventure Area will provide special interactive art stations and opportunities to try a little busking of their own!

The essence of any performance is the audience, and while NOTO LIVE is a community event that is free and open to the public, we invite individuals to support NOTO and the event by purchasing VIP tickets. As a VIP, you will have access to the NOTO LIVE VIP Backstage where you can partake in art activities, enjoy refreshments, and be wowed by close-up specialty performances offered exclusively to VIP’s. From 4:30 – 7:00, join us for the “Hire Wire Reception” that includes adult beverages and appetizers.  

Even if you don’t make it backstage, all VIP ticketholders will receive specialty coupons from participating businesses and will be eligible for NOTO prize drawings. Finally, limited seating will be reserved for VIP’s at the two main stages.  Purchase VIP Tickets Here      

Performance Schedule

The following is a list of scheduled performances and acts. Art demonstrations, buskers, and other activities will be ongoing throughout the district. A more detailed schedule will be posted prior to the event.

11:30-1:00 Topeka Big Band (Redbud Park)

1:00-1:15 Topeka High School Drumline (Begins at Compass Point; Ends at Redbud Park)

2:00-3:15 Lady Shakes Theater Group (Compass Point)

2:15-3:15 Last Carnival Act: Flying Fun (Redbud Park)

2:45-3:30 Tim Dingus: Party Tricks for Friends (Redbud Park)

3:00-7:00 Art Fusion: Live Art by a Community of Artists (Redbud Park Pavilion)

3:30-4:15 Steven Massey Dance Theatre: A Girls Life (Compass Point)

3:30-4:00 Last Carnival Act: Defying Gravity (Redbud Park)

4:15-4:30 Ballet Folklorica: Bailes Regiones de Mexico (Redbud Park)

5:30-6:45 Topeka Civic Theater: Senior Class Improv Comedy (Compass Point)

5:45-6:15 Last Carnival Act: High in The Sky (Redbud Park)

6:30-7:15 Flint Hills Fairies (Redbud Park)

7:15-8:00 Last Carnival Act: Grand Finale (Redbud Park)

Apply to be a Busker or Perfomer


Apply to be a busker HERE or vendor HERE  

NOTO Live is a celebration of live art. In addition to scheduled performances at stage locations throughout the district, we invite artists of all types to apply as buskers or street performers. Buskers will be assigned a designated location with the expectation of starting at the designated time and performing for a minimum of 50 minutes. There is no fee for application; any payment for a busker performance is only by audience appreciation (tips).   

Please note, this is a NOTO Special Event as permitted by the City of Topeka. All performers must apply for approval and, if accepted, must comply with the assignment of times and location as determined by the NOTO organization.  All decisions regarding artist selection and assignment rests solely with the NOTO Arts and Entertainment District.

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